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Managing capital for institutions and private investors all over the world. Let investment professionals help you.

Mortgage Investment Corporation

Owning shares in mortgage investment corporations enable investors to invest in a company which manages a diversified and secured pool of mortgages. Currently focused on residential mortgage with majority first charge and low loan to value.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Investors invest in a company that owns, and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate properties. Currently focused on rental residential condos.

Real Estate Limited Partnership

Mainly focused on light industrial and self-storage markets in BC with solid property fundamentals: value-added, market appreciation, and rental income.

Mutual Fund & Hedge Fund

Stay tuned for our upcoming investment

Flow-though Share LP Funds

Structure was developed by the governments to provide efficient way for investors to invest in Canadian-based exploration and development of natural resources companies and to reduce taxable income and additionally gain tax credits by investing.

Direct Ownership Real Estate

By using deep-seated relationship with the largest local broker, our professional real estate partners seek out steady income generating, institutional-graded properties to provide our clients opportunities to own rarely available properties in the most desired areas in Canada.

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Product Feature

Safe Investment

All recommended investment portfolios and Funds have undergone a strict due diligence process and comprehensive risk control procedure

Private-banking Grade Investment

Lowered minimum investment amount for client to participate in investment product which was only offered through private banking.

Steady Monthly Income

Elaborately selected top-quality investment funds provide steady monthly income.

Capital Growth

On the basis of strict risk control, achieving long-term stable growth in investment portfolio through strategic allocation of industries and investment areas.

Tax efficiency

Optimal taxation on client’s investment portfolio through the configuration of different types of products.

Global Asset Allocation

Asset allocated globally for resident and non-resident investors to participate.